About us

Brief Introduction of HWS

Our School is located at 318 Chuanda Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China, approximately 2 km from Chuansha Line 2 Subway Station and 8 km from Pudong International Airport. It is surrounded by Biyun International Community, Shanghai Disneyland Resort, and luxury communities like Tang Town and Zhangjiang High-Tech Zone and about 1 km from S1 Highway Chuansha Road Exit.

Hongwen School Shanghai (HWS), a bilingual boarding school currently serving close to 600 primary and middle school students, will open its high school division in September 2020.

With the philosophy of “Student-centered, Integration of East and West, Elite Education”, HWS will be led by a very strong leadership team on a beautiful campus with modern educational faculties. It aims to become a top-rated school that provides excellent international education in Shanghai.


School Philosophy

The school promotes the campus culture of “Propagating the Scientific Spirit and Edifying the Sentiment with Culture”, which is characterized by “Continuous Development of Students’ Passion, Interest and Career”. We implement the national curriculum with innovative teaching methods to provide our students with world class education.

Campus Culture

Propagate the spirit of science    Edify the sentiment with culture

Flowers and leaves in the great world. Mountains and water on the bright earth.

Generations carrying forward the cultural heritage. One belt and one road exchanging across cultures.

School Motto

Diligence   Kindness   Moderation   Perseverance  Creativity

Educational Objective

We set up the top reform of fundamental education, reach the world’s leading educational aptitude. We adhere the school purpose and face the future, to provide our first-class educational service for students who are able to make social contributions, scientific innovation and international competitiveness.

Ever since Shanghai Hongwen School was founded, she has been adhering to the educational tenet of Student-centered, integration of East and West, Elite Education ", implementing the school running philosophy of "propagate the scientific spirit, edify the sentiment with culture", and aiming at all-round quality education of early childhood education, primary school literacy, junior high school accomplishment and senior high school self-cultivation.

In the context of bilingual teaching and the multi-culture, our school try to fully absorb the western advanced education philosophy and teaching methods, devotes to prepare young students with a unique program  integrating the best practices of national and international education,  and cultivate students to become modern citizens and high-quality international talents who have characteristic of Chinese excellent traditional culture, deep understanding and respect for the world multi-culture, are of international vision and scientific innovation, and can make positive contribution for their national development, social progress and the peace of the world in the international competition and cooperation.



Our students grow up to be:


? good bilingual communicators with multicultural respect

? caring and responsible modern citizens

? self-disciplined with distinctive personality and tolerance

? lifelong learners who think independently

? innovative explorers with perseverance

? active participants in domestic and international affairs