Campus Surrounding

Hongwen School covers an area of over 56,000 square meters with 75% greening rate and a building area of about 35,000 square meters. The campus is beautifully surrounded by river, plants and trees. It is one of the few campuses known for its ecological environment in Shanghai.

The school consists of a conjoined main construction, an annex building, a membrane swimming pool, sports field, and outdoor playground. The conjoined construction includes a 4-story classroom building, a 6-story multi-functional building, and a 4-story dormitory building.

Indoor Space:

There are 59 regular classrooms, 64 special function rooms, including art classrooms, dance room, music room, sand painting room, piano practice rooms, black box theatre, Tang Xianzu Theatre,9 Physicochemical laboratories, STEM laboratory, calligraphy classroom, nature science classroom, history classroom, geography classroom, multimedia language classroom, computer classroom, 3D printing room, indoor swimming pool, indoor gym, archery hall, 2 libraries, etc.

Outdoor space:

There is a 300-meter runway, football field and apparatus motor area, four basketball courts, two tennis courts, music square, roller skating square, wall climbing, outdoor theater, Bamboo Labyrinth, Lush Forest, Cherry-Blossom Path, Theme venues such as the Continent of River, Luxuriant Grassland, Children Playground, the Golden Pond, and an Acre of Farmland and so on.