Parents as partners

Parent School

In order to create a better home-school community, a Parent School has been established. Parents can use resources around them to build a social practice platform for students to integrate what they learn with the real world. Through the Parent School, parenting courses are offered to families, allowing parents to have a deeper understanding of family education theories and effective methods of parental roles and responsibilities. Both online and offline parent activities are organized and family education experiences are exchanged according to different themes. 

Parents Association

Welcome to Shanghai Hongwen Parents Association (PA)!


The Parents Association is a voluntary organization comprised of parents of current students. It aims to establish stable and long-term communication channels with the school, share high quality home-school resources, support various school activities, and help parents understand the school and their children's campus life.


The duties of the Parents Association are:


1.  Hold at least 3 meetings per semester and maintain full communication with school management;

2.  Share case studies of home-school joint development through the school platform (online and offline);

3.  Participate in the formulation and revision of the Parents Association regulations;

4.  Organize various supplementary activities, social activities, educational activities, community activities, etc.;

5.  Recruit parent volunteers to help support various activities organized by the school and the Parents Association. We welcome more parents to actively participate in the daily affairs of the Parents Association, so that parents can work together with the school to create an outstanding educational environment!

Parent Meetings

Hongwen School holds regular parent meetings every semester. Homeroom teachers and subject teachers provide the parents with personalized face-to-face meetings and consultations. Teachers and parents jointly discuss students’ academic progress, make plans based the individual needs of each student, and together, work towards achieving the goal of providing the best education to our students.