Catering service


The raw food supplies directly come from the providers within Far East Horizon Co., Ltd. Under a modern management system, high quality meats, fresh vegetables and rice are grown in the nearby farms and delivered to the campus. The system also provides all aspects of serving healthy and delicious food such as kitchen equipment, food storage, environmental hygiene, and proper food serving procedures. The school canteen serves three nutritious meals a day with rich selections of food. It also serves snacks to all students three times a day.

  • Our school cafeteria is neat and all ingredients are delivered freshly. Zhoushan Island will ship seafood directly on the same day. Rice is the main food. The food supply is selected strictly. Food making process is monitored. Canteen inspection is set in regular bases.

  • We choose healthy and delicious raw material and professional chef. There will be NO MSG and other artificial additives in students and teachers’meals. The main dish is included meat or fish, vegetables and carbohydrate, fresh fruit, and drinks. We believe that it is essential to ensure that our students eat healthily.

  • Canteen will arrange catering and queuing systems properly, and ensure comfort of meal.

  • Our school will collect feedbacks from teachers, students and parents about the quality and service of food and beverage regularly, and will take effective measures to improve better service.

  • To meet the needs of students' customized meals, catering company will set up a personal meal file for students who have special exceptions.