Primary school curriculum

Primary School Curriculum 

1. Learning objectives of Grade 1 to Grade 5

 The primary school curriculum of Hongwen School focuses on the formation of students’ good moral values, learning habits, interests and characteristics. We hope that our students will become the global citizens with sound personality, distinct specialties, innovative thinking, knowledge of East and West, and international vision and mind.


2. Curriculum Structure

The primary school curriculum consists of fundamental courses, supplementary courses, and exploratory courses. 

(1)Fundamental courses include Chinese Language, Mathematics, English, Music, Sports, Art, Science, Information Technology, etc.

(2)Supplementary courses include various electives such as 3D printing, Musical, Fitness, as well as required traditional Chinese, Swimming, and bilingual courses in STEM, Drama, Sports, Mathematics, Music, and Fine Arts. 3)  Exploratory courses include twice-yearly research courses. 

3. Curriculum Features 

(1)Bilingual, bicultural, and dual-paths - In order to produce talented individuals with global perspectives, many courses such as STEM, Drama, Sports, Mathematics, Music, and Art are taught in bilingual while other courses are taught in Chinese. Hongwen students will have the opportunity to choose the path in the future.

(2)Streaming Teaching - Based on the national English curriculum, Hongwen also applies Cambridge English Curriculum. The integrated curriculum aims at improving students’ writing, speaking, listening and speaking skills. G1 students will have streaming classes in English. 

(3)Humanities – History, Geography, and other disciplines are integrated with the Chinese language course to Taking Chinese as the center, integrating history, geography and other disciplines to improve students' humanities quality.

(4)Sciences - Hongwen closely follows the "Compulsory Education Primary School Science Curriculum Standards", integrated with experimental tasks. Students gain knowledge through hands-on activities, inquiry and sharing. We firmly believe that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics should first be divided into disciplines and then integrated in teaching. Hongwen is equipped with 9 science laboratories, one 3D printing laboratory, and one STEM laboratory. 

(5)Art - Hongwen's art courses as well as indoor and outdoor sports offers each student more than five choices in art (including required music and art classes) and two or more physical education courses (including required swim class). Our swim instructors, some of whom served on the national swimming team, have designed various courses based the levels of the students to ensure that each student reaches the required proficiency at least two swimming styles after completing the swim courses. 

(6)Extra-curricular activities - Students participate in various activities such as the Belt and Road Initiatives, research courses, art festivals, science and technology festivals, associations, music clubs, etc.