Junior high school curriculum

Middle School Curriculum

1. Learning objectives of junior high school

 Based on the second phase of Shanghai’s curriculum reform, Hongwen School’s middle school curriculum strengthens the multi-disciplinary immersion with bilingual teaching through the integration of national curriculum and elements in international education and strives to improve the bilingual ability of students. At the same time, through the cultivation of individual interests and special talents, students are trained to become individuals who are open-minded, innovative, and competitive in the fast growing world.

2. Curriculum Structure 

The middle school curriculum of Hongwen School strictly follows the national compulsory education curriculum standards and the basic requirements of the local curriculum. While ensuring the implementation of the basic curriculum, it also offers expanded and inquiry-based courses.

3. Curriculum Features 

(1)Basic courses strictly follow the requirements of the "Shanghai Primary and Secondary School Curriculum Reform Program" and courses in all disciplines are offered. 

(2)Extended courses

  • Bilingual dual culture dual channel - In order to produce talented individuals with global perspective, Hongwen School implements multi-disciplinary bilingual teaching, which is comparable to the advanced level of world education. Bilingual courses include music, art, sports, science, mathematics and other disciplines. These courses help those who choose to pursue international studies in the future to smoothly transition into appropriate high school programs.

  • English classes – Based on the national English curriculum, Hongwen also applies Cambridge English Curriculum. The integrated curriculum aims at improving students’ English proficiency. The goal is for students to achieve CEFR Level B2 (equals to IELTS 5.5-6). G6-G7 students will have streaming classes to stimulate their potential in learning English.