School Introduction



Shanghai Hongwen School is a Gr. 1 - Gr. 12 full-boarding school, which gathers high reputation principals and top teachers’ team, leading “Propagate the scienfic spirit, edify the sentiment with culture.” It aims to build a modern & top campus and aspire to become a blueprint of Shanghai education.Our school officially opened on Sep 1st, 2018.



Our School is located in No 318 Chuanda Road, Pudong Dist, Shanghai, which is between Biyun International Community and Shanghai Disneyland Resort. The school traffic is very convenient, and near the exit of S1 Yingbin Expressway Chuansha Road. It takes about 40 minutes, 25 minutes and 20 minutes to drive to Lujiazui, Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, and Tang Town. It is about 2 km to Metro Line 2 Chuansha Station.



Our School covers an area of about 56,000 square meters, a building area of about 35,000 square meters, and the greening rate reaches 75%. The campus has a beautiful nature environment, surrounded by water and trees. Hongwen School has top ecological environment in Shanghai.

The school has wide range of indoor and outdoor space and sufficient functional configurations which will create a good environment for the growth of students' special interests.

Indoor Space: There are 59 common classrooms, 64 private classrooms, and 125 dormitory rooms (about 500 beds), including dedicated classrooms.

Art categories: 16 piano rooms, black box theater, Tang Xianzu Grand Theatre, dancing room, singing room, sand painting classroom.

Disciplines: Three sets of physiochemical laboratories, STEM laboratory, calligraphy classroom, nature science classroom, history classroom, geography classroom, multimedia language classroom, and computer classroom.

Innovation: creative workshops, 3D printing labs, VR labs

Sports: Indoor air-film swimming pool, boxing gym, archery hall, and so on.


Outdoor space:There is a 300-meter runway football field and apparatus motor area, four basketball courts, two tennis courts, music square, roller skating square, wall climbing, outdoor theater, Bamboo Labyrinth, Lush Forest, Cherry-Blossom Path, Theme venues such as the Continent of River, Luxuriant Grassland, Children Playground, the Golden Pond, and an Acre of Farmland and so on.



General Principal-Ms Ren Guofang

Headmaster Ren has more than 10 years of working experience in city and district government organizations. Her strength is to position and designing schools from macro point of view. She has a background of medical education. During 10 years of managing a bilingual school in Pudong, she advocated the education philosophy as “High quality in teaching, less burden for students”, and she insisted to follow nature growth of teenage and scientific methods in education. Her education philosophy is well received by parents and community.

Today, Headmaster Ren takes the lead fundamental education and reaches the world-leading education altitude on the new platform, and she leads the innovation and development of Hongwen School in the scientific spirit by using advanced teaching method and high-standard positioning.

Executive & Prinmary School Principal-Ms Hou Xiao Bo

The Executive Principal Hou holds the Bachelor's Degree of English from Shanghai Normal University and the Master Degree of Education from Shanghai East China Normal University. She was the first group of educators entering the international education field in Shanghai, and she is also a certified IBO PYP & DP expert by IBO. She serves as the distinguished expert of the annual inspection team for the International High School of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission; members of the advisor and defense committee of the Shanghai East China Normal University's Foreign Language Teaching Center.

Her philosophy and method of convergence between Chinese and Western Education makes great practice for middle and high school students, which enable them to learn Chinese culture and go into the domestic and foreign universities more competitively. She will be dedicated to provoke and promote her experience and innovation in the Chinese and Western Education.

High School Principal-Ms Jie Zhang

She is a long term educator who has over thirty years of experience in both China and the United States. When she lived in New York, she worked as a teacher of mathematics, an assistant principal, an instructional specialist in mathematics serving close to seventy schools, and the first Chinese-American principal of Stuyvesant High School, a well-known public high school in New York City. Her background from both east and west cultures and rich career in education make her a great asset in integrating international and local educational concepts in our school.

Middle School Deputy Principal & Dean-Ms Yang Shuxia

Graduated from Harbin normal University. She was a senior maths teacher with nearly 30 years of experience in the management of mathematics leaders and presidents in public schools. She not only pays attention to the traditional logical thinking and teaching methods, but also pays attention to the cultivation of solid subject foundation.



Adhering to the mission of “Student-centered, integration of East & West and Elite Education” we will implement education objective to prepare students for the future. We will provide first-class education services for outstanding students with social contribution, scientific innovation and international competitive ability, which makes every Hongwen students walk into the world confidently, and integrate the essence of Chinese culture into the world.


Hongwen School will implement the“four quality education” forPreschool, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School education。

At the Elementary School stageHongwen will focus on developing students’ literacy in basic skills like reading, writing, and exploring personal interests and potential. Through various hands-on and inquiry learning activities, students will be inspired to spark their imagination and interests and enjoy the learning process as well.

In the Middle School stageHongwen will continue cultivating students' interest and special skills. Through knowledge and skill acquisition, the humanistic and scientific spirit are integrated. This will help students to build in research skills as well as high level evaluation capability, thus students will form positive attitude and proper behaviors. They will develop their wisdom and confidence at same time.



Innovative Teaching Method from different views:

  • Humanities:: teach one core subject, combine multiple courses;

  • Science teach each subject, integrate together in application;

  • Art & Sport :specialize in one item, experience multiple activities;

  • English: select one textbook as the system, extend to other teaching materials

As mapping out the curriculum, our school pays full attention to develop students' individuality.

With strong teacher team and advanced teaching methods, we are capable to monitor each student's progress. It is our high priority to develop targeted programs to inspire students' interest and potential, which help every student at Hongwen grow up as a well-around person.

英語組 小圖.jpg


Faculty is built with exceptional effort. Our teachers are selected with high quality of education background and teaching experience. The strong teacher team will insure high quality teaching to our students. Their daily hard work will align with school educational objectives, to continuous develop student’s potential, interests and future growing.

With sufficient teachers on board, Hongwen School has gathered a group of teachers who support school educational philosophy, have a rich teaching experience, and care for students. We also build up the core subject teachers who share the common aspirations, have strong leadership skills and passion in teaching. With their group efforts and contribution, Hongwen will develop solid foundation for the long term running.