Education follows scientific theory. Innovation leads to development
Ms. Ren Guofang General Principal

She advocated the education philosophy as “High quality in teaching, less burden for students”, and she insisted to follow nature growth of teenage and scientific methods in education. Her education philosophy is well received by parents and community. Nowadays, she takes the lead in fundamental education reform, matches the advanced education in the world, relies on advanced teaching methods, high standard quality positioning, and leads the innovation and development of Hongwen School with scientific spirit. Back to the educational essence, Develop future talents

Return to the nature of education. Cultivate students for the future.
Ms. Hou Xiaobo (Harriet) Executive Principal

Ms Hou started her career in the international education of Shanghai over 20 years ago. Her philosophy and practical ways of combining Eastern and Western cultures enable students to learn Chinese and Western culture, provide pathway into both domestic and overseas universities more competitively in the bilingual education.

Pave the way for the future of children
Ms. Jie Zhang High School Principal and Senior Director of Mathematics Faculty

She is a long-term educator who has had over thirty years of experience in both China and the United States. When she lived in New York, she worked as a teacher of mathematics, an assistant principal, an instructional specialist in mathematics serving close to seventy schools, and the first Chinese-American principal of Stuyvesant High School, a well-known public high school in New York City. Her background from both Eastern and Western cultures and rich career in education make her a great asset in integrating international and local educational concepts in our school.

Thinking logical, and practice scientifically. These two should be connected closely
Ms. Yang Shuxia Middle school deputy principal and dean

Graduated from Harbin Normal University, she was a senior Math teacher with nearly 30 years of experience in the management of mathematics faculty and public schools. She not only emphasizes the traditional logical thinking and teaching methods, but also solids subject foundation.